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Sailor Moon Episode 3

June 23, 2010

Usagi really doesn’t like to get involved in dirty, dangerous fights. Very  off putting thought for her. So why exactly is she a agent of justice?

Usagi is willing to fight for what she believes in. She’s very passionate about this. Start messing with love, people’s hearts and feelings, injustice, and Sailor Moon shows up to kick ass.

Usagi idealize love and relationships in her innocence.. but that’s part of her appeal because shes the hero everyone has secretly wished for to protect their ideals of love. (Before they too grew up and learned what else real relationships need)

She gets fired up over injustice, and actually wants to protect the weak. How dare bad guys even think of overpowering and using people.

For those of you into astrology. There’s a flavor of Neptune/Venus favor all over the story, that you just can’t miss.

There’s also some Pluto flavor to it, but I just can’t put my finger on it yet. Power play between Sailor Moon and the bad guys is a Pluto theme, as well as Sailor Moon fighting on behalf of those being overpowered, that’s also Pluto. But that begs that Something Plutonian happen to Sailor Moon in the first place, to transform her into a fighter.

Like being overpowered herself and wanted to never be in a victim position again, and wanting to make sure no one else as to suffer too… that’s a theme that happens to higher evolved plutoians, using the power they have now found within themselves to empower everyone. But nothing (yet) tragic has happen to Sailor Moon and helped to find the inner strength. Just giving a transformation(Pluto) locket, to turn her into a Fighter of Justice, without the plutonian experience or training….

I can see how this appeals to kids as a empowering show. Sailor Moon is a very Romantic Hero. She seems to be magically in-trusted with the power to save everyone. When put in dire situations, she not only finds the courage to do the right thing for everyone, it comes naturally. Kids live in a world that is controlled by adults, for better or worse. A character empowered out of nowhere, that is so powerful she herself is beyond real suffering, to magically save everyone is beautiful.

And that may be the very reason older viewers are annoyed with her. She’s slow to do anything, and is extremely childish and doesn’t realise yet her lack of initiative is what is causing some of the bad guys to win a few battles (even thought they’ll lose the war). Her lack of personal tragedy makes her seem unequipped to handle others, and kind of a phony.

Indeed, Magic is all smoke a mirrors, when its for a fantasy that’s so far removed from reality that no one suffers the reality of the world. Kid stuff for children.

But sailor moon matures… she has too… Because Naoko is very aware of the dangers(Pluto) of living in a world of fantasy(Neptune),

Click Here to watch the Third episode of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles.


Changing you Paradigm Changes Your World

June 21, 2010

Wow, “Old”, a member just started this topic on the boards. The topic is deffinatly getting some feedback, but here is the video she had to show us….

Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

Naoko Takeuchi creates Sailor Moon. 1992.

June 9, 2010

Naoko has mentioned in interviews that when she was creating Usagi’s character, she was working in the emergency room at a hospital. (She has a degree in pharmaceutics.) She based Usagi very much on herself at the time. Waking up late, dreaming of romance, silly, clueless, and having to take on responsibility.

In a Natal chart, (and solar returns) Mercury and Venus must be within a sign or two of the sun. Mars tends to be a wild card. And Jupiter to the outer planets is pretty much indicator of overall time/generation.

So I wanna play a game.
Usagi is a Solar(Sun) Cancer(Water/Moon). She’s warm, fun, friendly, outgoing, and a bit ditsy even though she does have exaggerated Cancer qualities like being a cry baby(soft water) and coming from a ancient family. (Cancer)

So lets look at Naoko’s chart. Now I don’t have a birth time, but I know enough to know where the planets are.

Solar(Sun) Pisces (Water/Universe)
Think(Mercury) Pisces (Water/Universe)
Love(Venus) Aries (Fire/Man/Leader)

So Back to Usagi’s Fantasy chart we get

Solar(Sun) Cancer (Water/Moon/Family)
Think(Mercury) Cancer(Water/Moon/Family)
Love(Venus) Leo (Fire/Sun/Ruler)

I think the Mercury in Cancer fits Usagi quite nicely. She does think, and talk like a Cancer. “No Luna I don’t wanna do it, It’s DANGEROUS!” and “I’ll protect everyone!!” Protection and safety,  Cancer themes. Venus in Leo is perfect too. Usagi can be a self-centered(leo) dramatic(leo) teenage girl, but she proves throughout the series she has a big heart(leo) and loves everyone. Her love of Mamoru, and her friends is what helps her find her inner strength(leo) to save earth. Leo’s opposing sign is Aquarius, giver of knowledge to humanity, and compassion for humanity and the future. She rescues humanity from the negaforce deminsion. So that is played out as well. 

Naoko’s got a Pisces/Aries thing happening.Omega/Alpha. Universe/Man. Art/Warrior. Spirit/Ego.

Translate that energy onto her character’s Cancer and you get.
Cancer/Leo. Moon/Sun. Family/Father. Mother/Child. People/Ruler. Emotion/Drama.

Cool huh?
Back to Naoko though.
Her sun is in the sign of Pisces (Art), and so is Mercury. She thinks, communicates, writes, illustrates piscean energy. Her mind and life purpose are aligned. Looking at Sailor Moon there’s no argument of that.

Her Venus is in Aries though. But this is translated too. All her female characters are fighters, but retain their femininity. Leaders of their respective Planets and powers, all unified under one ruler, Sailor Moon. They are aggressive, energetic, fast.

In fact, this aggression femininity has become integrated into Japanese culture and many boys and men from the 90’s now worship these kinds of women. It’s interesting to notice, however their is a high level of men actually projecting their mars/sun onto women in japan and it’s been creating problems. Current generation of Women seeking partners from other cultures since their are almost no men who own their mars/sun… but that’s another story for later.

Naoko’s Art-02

June 9, 2010

Translated from BSSM Original Picture Collection Vol. I

385 X 270 mm.

Cover of KC volume 1.

Media: Color ink, color spray.

Paper: Fine BB Kent.

Naoko’s Notes: “Of all the ones I’ve drawn, this must be the color picture most like Sailor Moon. It’s the cover of comic volume 1. Most of the color pictures that appeal to me have purple in them, since I really, really like that color.”

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Episode 2

June 9, 2010

Like all Fantasy stories, if there is a innocent protagonist, there’s a mentor. Usually Magical and super wise in the fantasy series.  The cat Usagi saves in Named Luna, and she’s the royal servant from a ancient Moon Kingdom eons in the past.

We would probably learn more of this mystery character and what she’s about, except she’s got to deal with Usagi’s immaturity every second of the day.Investigate supernatural crimes herself, and teach Usagi to be a supernatural crime-fighter.

Luna’s kinda on her own and can’t do much more until she can get Usagi to start being more independent and responsible. Which is a joke because Usagi isn’t motivated by hard work. So there’s a lot of yelling. LOL!

Click Here to watch the Second episode of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles.

Naoko’s Art-01

June 9, 2010

Translated from BSSM Original Picture Collection Vol. I

550 X 377 mm.

Cover of the June 1992 Nakayoshi.

Media: Color ink, color spray, poster color.

Paper: Canson.

Naoko’s Notes: “I drew this for use as the cover of Nakayoshi. It’s so flashy. I’m really embarrassed looking at it, since her breasts are kind of ecchi…”

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. Episode 1

October 9, 2009

Most Japanese anime and manga have pretty immature Protagonists. However this is probably their best attempts to capture innocence. This is true of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

Usagi (Means Bunny) is a 14 year old girl. To represent her immaturity/innocence she hates doing homework, gets terrible grades, sleeps in late, dreams of boys in a objectifying romantic form, and escapes reality into daydreams where she something cooler than she actually is. You get the impression that if she really could follow her dreams she wouldn’t like the hard work involved. Like becomeing a supernatural crime fighter like someone she admires, “CodeName: Sailor V”.

She still a good kid though, as you can see in the first episode. She Saves a cat from being picked on by 2 grade school boys. Haha, you know how vicious some little boys can be to animals. Any who, this is the beginning of her journey as a Agent of Justice.

Click here to watch the First episode of Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles.