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Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon is a Japanese comic created By Naoko Takeuchi.

Sailormoon has spun off into a cartoon television show, plays, a live action show… and translated into many languages. It’s such a hugh hit, I’m surprised whenever I run into someone whos never heard of it. Chances are, if you haven’t, your related to someone who has, and loves it.

Naoko Takeuchi was born March 15, 1967 Kofu City,Japan. I can’t seem to find a birthtime on the internet, but it’s not that surprising, Naoko is a very private person, most of her fans don’t know that.

There are plenty of websites with indepth information on the SailorMoon Universe, it’s characters and many arcs. However I’m going to previde a few common images for those unaquainted with the Guardians..

Prince Endimion of Earth/Tuxedo Mask

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Venus

Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto

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