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New Blog… But not just yet.

November 22, 2012

I’ve gone through some internal changes. As well as learned a lot more about social media this year. How to network online and be apart of a community.

I will be starting a new blog. But not yet. It’s set to publish a few months from now.

I have it set for far ahead because I also have been researching how blogs become successful; how to overcome a lot of problems I am having with writing. I will be writing a few posts to spread out over the course of 2013-2014, so that I have a blog that is self-generating with content, when I don’t have the time to keep it from dying.

I also feel this is best for me, because I feel I will be creating an identity with life and energy. I just can’t seem to do that for this blog. Though I will be keeping a lot of ideas I discussed here and posting similar content. I just believe it will generally help me to create more content on the fly, if I have tons of content in the background working their magic as well.

Hopefully this new blog will connect to my art and work, and I will be able to merge the ideas… but we will see.

That is all.

I will probably post a few more times on this blog, before I make the transition.

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