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October 15, 2010

Haha! I’m so slow.

Well, really… I’m still learning the different options available to me on I’ve been avoiding working on posts because I will write a whole slew of material or ideas and then work on them for a week. Then do something else for a week, and then write and research some more. After I had a small bunch of articles I felt like I had to babysit the blog, and slowly add the content a day or two apart, unless I just posted everything at once.

I noticed Elsa P. (Whose sever, or how her site even works is a mystery to me) mention how she will write posts ahead of time and then they will just roll themselves out on a timer, which is such a efficient way to run a blog I think. (Haha, I was wondering how she could have time to grocery shop, take Vid to karate, pick up the solider, and still post 3 articles a day that were all evenly timed. LOL!)

This is sad because I’m 23! I’m from the techy generation, I was typing html when I was 8 years old on crappy AOL.2.0…. ugh… Any who. I’m very happy to know this, because can write when I have free time now and let it publish itself when *I* tell the damn thing to. Finding time between school and work is still easy, but networking and babysitting my posts and comments is not an option. LOL!

I like how Elsa would point how she a hologram. People think she’s available on the internet 24/7 because her posts are always around, yet she’s off living her life in the background and popping back in to make sure a fight hasn’t sprung up on the blog. LOL!

I diffidently have similar circumstances. I have my Facebook connected to most of my other activities now, so people can see what I’m up to. However it gives the impression I’m available to socialize, and I’m soooo not even on the internet. Like my Netflix account will immediately post to my Facebook any ratings or comments I make about the movies I watch (Or movies that Evan or Gavin watch). 5 minutes later someone is commenting while I’m in class. LOL! When I get faster internet in the house, The gaming consuls will be hooked up to the internet as well.

I’m rambling. Sorry, this really is a pointless post, just expressing my excitement on being able to have my content post itself while I go about my life. Like when this timed post goes off… I will be at work making the green. So awesome.

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