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Smile or Die

June 30, 2010

Uranus moved into Aries and things are definitely going to be changing.

But lets take (yet another) refreshing look at the last 7 years of mutual reception energy  of Uranus and Pisces….

The Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjuction of last year really summed up this energy in all it’s glory, both positive and negative, though we couldn’t tell which is which but we could in fact feel something was wrong….. Living in a state of disillusionment.  In Elsa P’s blog last year, she brought up the topic in a disturbing way… the fact that there is a fog and we can’t even see ourselves in it.

I can’t find the actual article I want to refer too, but here are a couple links to articles she wrote that mention the conjunction…

But really.. I felt this video summed up a lot of what Elsa has been talking about. How we are now going through re-peat performances of issues and situations for the past couple years, but without the fog and confusion of where we’re at, what were dealing with and up against exactly, and where we wanna go? We actually know and can see through the illusion… and with Uranus going into Aries, there’s a different liberation to knowing the truth, we wont be so confused collectively for a while.

Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

Smile or Die

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