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New Blog… But not just yet.

November 22, 2012

I’ve gone through some internal changes. As well as learned a lot more about social media this year. How to network online and be apart of a community.

I will be starting a new blog. But not yet. It’s set to publish a few months from now.

I have it set for far ahead because I also have been researching how blogs become successful; how to overcome a lot of problems I am having with writing. I will be writing a few posts to spread out over the course of 2013-2014, so that I have a blog that is self-generating with content, when I don’t have the time to keep it from dying.

I also feel this is best for me, because I feel I will be creating an identity with life and energy. I just can’t seem to do that for this blog. Though I will be keeping a lot of ideas I discussed here and posting similar content. I just believe it will generally help me to create more content on the fly, if I have tons of content in the background working their magic as well.

Hopefully this new blog will connect to my art and work, and I will be able to merge the ideas… but we will see.

That is all.

I will probably post a few more times on this blog, before I make the transition.


October 15, 2010

Haha! I’m so slow.

Well, really… I’m still learning the different options available to me on I’ve been avoiding working on posts because I will write a whole slew of material or ideas and then work on them for a week. Then do something else for a week, and then write and research some more. After I had a small bunch of articles I felt like I had to babysit the blog, and slowly add the content a day or two apart, unless I just posted everything at once.

I noticed Elsa P. (Whose sever, or how her site even works is a mystery to me) mention how she will write posts ahead of time and then they will just roll themselves out on a timer, which is such a efficient way to run a blog I think. (Haha, I was wondering how she could have time to grocery shop, take Vid to karate, pick up the solider, and still post 3 articles a day that were all evenly timed. LOL!)

This is sad because I’m 23! I’m from the techy generation, I was typing html when I was 8 years old on crappy AOL.2.0…. ugh… Any who. I’m very happy to know this, because can write when I have free time now and let it publish itself when *I* tell the damn thing to. Finding time between school and work is still easy, but networking and babysitting my posts and comments is not an option. LOL!

I like how Elsa would point how she a hologram. People think she’s available on the internet 24/7 because her posts are always around, yet she’s off living her life in the background and popping back in to make sure a fight hasn’t sprung up on the blog. LOL!

I diffidently have similar circumstances. I have my Facebook connected to most of my other activities now, so people can see what I’m up to. However it gives the impression I’m available to socialize, and I’m soooo not even on the internet. Like my Netflix account will immediately post to my Facebook any ratings or comments I make about the movies I watch (Or movies that Evan or Gavin watch). 5 minutes later someone is commenting while I’m in class. LOL! When I get faster internet in the house, The gaming consuls will be hooked up to the internet as well.

I’m rambling. Sorry, this really is a pointless post, just expressing my excitement on being able to have my content post itself while I go about my life. Like when this timed post goes off… I will be at work making the green. So awesome.

How to Get a Free Astrology Birth Chart…

June 30, 2010

Step: 01














Smile or Die

June 30, 2010

Uranus moved into Aries and things are definitely going to be changing.

But lets take (yet another) refreshing look at the last 7 years of mutual reception energy  of Uranus and Pisces….

The Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjuction of last year really summed up this energy in all it’s glory, both positive and negative, though we couldn’t tell which is which but we could in fact feel something was wrong….. Living in a state of disillusionment.  In Elsa P’s blog last year, she brought up the topic in a disturbing way… the fact that there is a fog and we can’t even see ourselves in it.

I can’t find the actual article I want to refer too, but here are a couple links to articles she wrote that mention the conjunction…

But really.. I felt this video summed up a lot of what Elsa has been talking about. How we are now going through re-peat performances of issues and situations for the past couple years, but without the fog and confusion of where we’re at, what were dealing with and up against exactly, and where we wanna go? We actually know and can see through the illusion… and with Uranus going into Aries, there’s a different liberation to knowing the truth, we wont be so confused collectively for a while.

Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking.

Smile or Die

Security and insecurity ….

June 30, 2010

What is your connection to security and insecurity? In astrology, security is a 2nd house theme, ruled by Taurus. Scorpio being the opposing sign, also gets tied up in this. And the 2nd and 8th houses are respectively home to Taurus and Scorpio. Both signs are also “fixed”.

Before you even look at your chart, think first about how you view “security”. Think about all the times you felt insecure in your life and think about “why” you felt that way, what causes it?

Then go check out your 2nd and 8th house cusps. Where are their rulers in your chart? What aspects do they have? Are there any planets in the 2nd or 8th house? What aspects do they have?

I have a Stellium in my natal second house (Stellium means there’s a collection of 3 or more planets, a focus of energy) Saturn, Sun, Uranus in Sagittarius and Juno and Neptune in Capricorn. For me, insecurity in my life has propelled me into finding security that can’t be taken from me, to be self-sufficient, to believe in myself.  Save money, acquire things I need or enjoy, Secure my future or my present…. to make sure I’m not without.
    <—— My Second House… Like DUH!

I’m very much fixated on this even though I still have fun and live a little free from time to time. If I spend too much money within a couple weeks time I get depressed till I make more and save about the same about, only then do I living up and act a little more free.  I wont date men if I find out they aren’t secure as myself or plan for their future as much as I do because becoming involved with them could compromise my goals (Neptune and Uranus in there used to make me wanna save them and teach them how to liberate themselves from money problems) This is my current relationship with security and I’m sure it will change over time… but slowly, this is a “fixed” house.

Stelliums are interesting because of the focus on a particular area. For me, I’m just as fascinated with people who don’t secure their future, it’s beyond my mind and I’m incapable of understanding how they live. I’m not wired to do, think, or understand anything but my “fixed” position.

But this is all talk on a small scale, the personal man. Looking out for ones self, as I’ve taught myself to do. I do have Sagittarius on my second cusp. It may not be Aquarius (concern for humanity) but I do have concern for those in other cultures who do not even have the right to secure themselves… how do they “really” live like this?

Eve Ensler of the Vagina Monologues, shares some interesting insight on how she thinks “Security” causes “Insecurity”…. Yeah that’s right. Isn’t that crazy? Watch her TEDTalks video and see if you might agree with her.

And see what 2/8 house themes pop up in what she’s talking about….

Eve Ensler: Security and insecurity…. Playwright Eve Ensler explores our modern craving for security — and why it makes us less secure. Listen for inspiring, heartbreaking stories of women making change. 

Freedom versus Commitment

June 23, 2010
This a response for Shaina’s post on,
Grand Cross Taffy by Shaina

Where she talks about her life struggle with her conflicting needs for a committed relationship and freedom, and Lady Gaga.

This post touched me because this is what I’m coming to realise myself. The level of commitment I need from a person, the high emotional support and the amount of freedom I also need (Not want, I need freedom) leads me to think I’m just going to severely hurt and confuse anyone who actually emotionally involves themselves with me, when I go off on my own to work creatively or write.

I need to be free from the confines of relationship needs, and reality, responsibility to dig deep within myself to bring out what I wanna create. And while anyone can understand that intellectually, emotionally if they really cared for me they are still going to get hurt whenever I’m not readily available.

It makes me rack my brain. Why haven’t I ever noticed this before? Where all of my relationships not that really involved? Well yeah… the majority of my past is riddled with me “saving” people, and taking care of them, and then somehow being separated from them before we really get a balance in the relationship and take care of some of my needs too.

There are two relationships where this reared it’s head and I would fight from built up emotional pressure.

First was a girl I had a heavy crush on in Middle School, and a friendship grew out of that that would sometimes boarder on more but never went anywhere. I often remember happiness being something simple like… Me just being in her area, like her bedroom on the floor next to her bed where she’s sitting. Usually drawing or reading and occasionally sharing a thought with her to get a deep discussion going. While she’s doing her own thing, her homework, or talking to her boyfriend on the phone. (Which most of her relationships I was intellectually involved in so from time to time I’d ask to talk to the boyfriend too. LOl! Weird.) But yeah, left alone to do my own thing, but allowed within the emotional bubble so I can engage whenever I needed or wanted to.

 Any who, yeah… anytime I needed some emotional support, she’d drop what she’s doing to hug, kiss me on the cheek,, and then move on with the day. All of the serious fights I ever started with her were about the times she wasn’t readily available to take care of my emotions. LOL! But yeah… since then I’ve been looking for something like that, under the impression that all deep relationships were like that.

Now my current Ex is a Aquarius (Like Miss Shania’s Fiance) And he comes around alot to see how I’m doing, eternal friend and all that. Shania and me share the same problem, though. “I also haven’t seen the last of Mr. Aquarius, but the question is, just how much of him will I ever get to see?” That’s the nature of Aquarius, freedom and unavailability…

But that’s what I’m taking about, all my experiences with relationships have been around “other” people being unavailable, not me. I’ve just having picked someone to be with that I can seriously hurt, to figure out I too… am a unavailable person.

But “YAY!” I figured that out. What now?

The type of emotionally committed relationship I’ve been Idealizing, would not even work for me. I mean really, I could be really wrapped up in a person for a while, dive into their depths… but then a couple weeks later I gots to kick them to the curb while I lock myself in a black room and get some work done…. and yeah, I don’t need to go fuck up a relationship to figure out that’s not going to last….

Whats a girl to do? Conflicting needs…

Let me share with you those needs in my chart…

Sun in Sagittarius
Sun Conjunct Sag Uranus
Sun square Pisces Moon
Sun square Pisces Mars
Moon Sqaure Sag Saturn
Moon Sqaure Sag Uranus
Venus Semisquare Sag Uranus
Venus sextile Neptune
Venus trine Jupiter
Jupiter Sqaure Uranus
Mid heaven in Leo

Emotional Commitment
Ascendant Scorpio
Venus conjunct Ascendant
Venus in Scorpio
Mars Sextile Neptune
Mars Trine Pluto
Venus conjunct Scorpio Pluto

Look at all the Scorpio.. I need someone to bare their soul open to me to feel committed. In fact a need a soul-deep connection to feel emotionally satisfied, and can’t be in a superficial relationship or friendship… But then I also need to turn around and go frolic in the fields. It’s confusing and I don’t know how this is going to work out.

If you wanna read how real emotionally committed relationships work out, Go read my sister’s blog.

She’s a Cancer sun in the 8th house with Moon in Leo in the 9th..

So she can publish(9th) stories(9th) that tug(Moon) at your heart(Leo) strings, because the truth(9th) of them brings vitality(Sun) to your soul(8th). Not kidding.

Damn her talent.

Samara Says…

Naoko’s Art-03

June 23, 2010

Translated from BSSM Original Picture Collection Vol. I

384 X 270 mm.

Unpublished work.

Media: Color ink, color spray.

Paper: Fine BB Kent.

Naoko’s Notes: “Actually, I drew this color picture to be used in the first comic volume, and I’m very pleased with it. However, one of my male friends saw it when he came to visit, and simply said, Usagi-chan’s face is different. It was a big shock. The cover of the first volume is a copy of this one.”

Sailor Moon Episode 3

June 23, 2010

Usagi really doesn’t like to get involved in dirty, dangerous fights. Very  off putting thought for her. So why exactly is she a agent of justice?

Usagi is willing to fight for what she believes in. She’s very passionate about this. Start messing with love, people’s hearts and feelings, injustice, and Sailor Moon shows up to kick ass.

Usagi idealize love and relationships in her innocence.. but that’s part of her appeal because shes the hero everyone has secretly wished for to protect their ideals of love. (Before they too grew up and learned what else real relationships need)

She gets fired up over injustice, and actually wants to protect the weak. How dare bad guys even think of overpowering and using people.

For those of you into astrology. There’s a flavor of Neptune/Venus favor all over the story, that you just can’t miss.

There’s also some Pluto flavor to it, but I just can’t put my finger on it yet. Power play between Sailor Moon and the bad guys is a Pluto theme, as well as Sailor Moon fighting on behalf of those being overpowered, that’s also Pluto. But that begs that Something Plutonian happen to Sailor Moon in the first place, to transform her into a fighter.

Like being overpowered herself and wanted to never be in a victim position again, and wanting to make sure no one else as to suffer too… that’s a theme that happens to higher evolved plutoians, using the power they have now found within themselves to empower everyone. But nothing (yet) tragic has happen to Sailor Moon and helped to find the inner strength. Just giving a transformation(Pluto) locket, to turn her into a Fighter of Justice, without the plutonian experience or training….

I can see how this appeals to kids as a empowering show. Sailor Moon is a very Romantic Hero. She seems to be magically in-trusted with the power to save everyone. When put in dire situations, she not only finds the courage to do the right thing for everyone, it comes naturally. Kids live in a world that is controlled by adults, for better or worse. A character empowered out of nowhere, that is so powerful she herself is beyond real suffering, to magically save everyone is beautiful.

And that may be the very reason older viewers are annoyed with her. She’s slow to do anything, and is extremely childish and doesn’t realise yet her lack of initiative is what is causing some of the bad guys to win a few battles (even thought they’ll lose the war). Her lack of personal tragedy makes her seem unequipped to handle others, and kind of a phony.

Indeed, Magic is all smoke a mirrors, when its for a fantasy that’s so far removed from reality that no one suffers the reality of the world. Kid stuff for children.

But sailor moon matures… she has too… Because Naoko is very aware of the dangers(Pluto) of living in a world of fantasy(Neptune),

Click Here to watch the Third episode of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles.

Changing you Paradigm Changes Your World

June 21, 2010

Wow, “Old”, a member just started this topic on the boards. The topic is deffinatly getting some feedback, but here is the video she had to show us….

Professor Philip Zimbardo conveys how our individual perspectives of time affect our work, health and well-being. Time influences who we are as a person, how we view relationships and how we act in the world.

Naoko Takeuchi creates Sailor Moon. 1992.

June 9, 2010

Naoko has mentioned in interviews that when she was creating Usagi’s character, she was working in the emergency room at a hospital. (She has a degree in pharmaceutics.) She based Usagi very much on herself at the time. Waking up late, dreaming of romance, silly, clueless, and having to take on responsibility.

In a Natal chart, (and solar returns) Mercury and Venus must be within a sign or two of the sun. Mars tends to be a wild card. And Jupiter to the outer planets is pretty much indicator of overall time/generation.

So I wanna play a game.
Usagi is a Solar(Sun) Cancer(Water/Moon). She’s warm, fun, friendly, outgoing, and a bit ditsy even though she does have exaggerated Cancer qualities like being a cry baby(soft water) and coming from a ancient family. (Cancer)

So lets look at Naoko’s chart. Now I don’t have a birth time, but I know enough to know where the planets are.

Solar(Sun) Pisces (Water/Universe)
Think(Mercury) Pisces (Water/Universe)
Love(Venus) Aries (Fire/Man/Leader)

So Back to Usagi’s Fantasy chart we get

Solar(Sun) Cancer (Water/Moon/Family)
Think(Mercury) Cancer(Water/Moon/Family)
Love(Venus) Leo (Fire/Sun/Ruler)

I think the Mercury in Cancer fits Usagi quite nicely. She does think, and talk like a Cancer. “No Luna I don’t wanna do it, It’s DANGEROUS!” and “I’ll protect everyone!!” Protection and safety,  Cancer themes. Venus in Leo is perfect too. Usagi can be a self-centered(leo) dramatic(leo) teenage girl, but she proves throughout the series she has a big heart(leo) and loves everyone. Her love of Mamoru, and her friends is what helps her find her inner strength(leo) to save earth. Leo’s opposing sign is Aquarius, giver of knowledge to humanity, and compassion for humanity and the future. She rescues humanity from the negaforce deminsion. So that is played out as well. 

Naoko’s got a Pisces/Aries thing happening.Omega/Alpha. Universe/Man. Art/Warrior. Spirit/Ego.

Translate that energy onto her character’s Cancer and you get.
Cancer/Leo. Moon/Sun. Family/Father. Mother/Child. People/Ruler. Emotion/Drama.

Cool huh?
Back to Naoko though.
Her sun is in the sign of Pisces (Art), and so is Mercury. She thinks, communicates, writes, illustrates piscean energy. Her mind and life purpose are aligned. Looking at Sailor Moon there’s no argument of that.

Her Venus is in Aries though. But this is translated too. All her female characters are fighters, but retain their femininity. Leaders of their respective Planets and powers, all unified under one ruler, Sailor Moon. They are aggressive, energetic, fast.

In fact, this aggression femininity has become integrated into Japanese culture and many boys and men from the 90’s now worship these kinds of women. It’s interesting to notice, however their is a high level of men actually projecting their mars/sun onto women in japan and it’s been creating problems. Current generation of Women seeking partners from other cultures since their are almost no men who own their mars/sun… but that’s another story for later.